Botanical Bitters

Our bitters are small batched with overproof alcohol and home crafted to extract the optimal pungency. Only a few drops are needed to add superior flavor and aromatics to any cocktail.

Simple Syrups for Craft People

All of our Syrups are homemade with organic cane sugar. Simmered for several hours to infuse with flavor and then strained. There can be slight differences in taste from batch to batch and particulates are normal as they are all infused with fresh ingredients. Refrigerate for optimal freshness.

Ready Made Infusion Kits

All infusion kits are created from healthy dehydrated fruits and herbs. These kits are shelf stable for months and make great gifts! When ready to use, fill to nearly full with your favorite liquor and then refrigerate, shaking once daily for 7-10 days. Then strain, the leftovers make great garnishes!

Bitters of the Month Club, Coming Soon!​​