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Simple Syrups:

Shelf life – 10-14 days

Fridge life – 4-6 weeks

Estimated amount per drink = 1oz

Estimated Sugar per oz = 14g

Estimated 15-20 drinks per bottle

Made with organic cane sugar

Particulates are normal

If upon opening product it puffs out air, or has a foul odor it should be disposed of


Infusion Kits:

Shelf life before infusion – 6-8 Months

Shelf life after infusion – 3 Months (for optimal flavor)

Estimated amount per drink = 1.5oz

Estimated 20 drinks per bottle

  1. Fill to nearly full with liquor of choice (approx. 750ml)
  2. Place in fridge for 7-10 days (or cool, dark space)
  3. Shake once daily
  4. Strain & remove fruit from jar
  5. Save fruit for garnish!

The fruit inside can only be used 1 time per jar for maximum flavor

*Non-Alcoholic Recipe is 1 Part water, 1 Part Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Part Sugar (Sugar is optional)

*Be advised that some peppers are spicier than others.  We recommend pulling the peppers as soon as you achieve desired spice level


Shelf life – 10-12 months

Estimated amount per drink = 3-5 dashes

Estimated 30 drinks per bottle

Out of Stock bitters flavors can be made to order for orders of 10+

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